Tantra as a Sacred Path

Bringing the whole self to the moment,

The subject of Tantra or Sacred Sexuality is really about bringing your whole being to every moment. This includes sexuality and making love. I often feel as if the whole being is making love all the time and It is viewing all of life as sacred. As the sunrise each morning brings light to the world both symbolically and literally, we are bringing light to into the world of relating and intimacy. (Into me see) can be one of the scariest things that humans experience and also long for. To be seen and met is one of the most nourishing gifts we can receive and give in life. In all my sessions and classes I teach practices that deepen intimacy with ourselves, each other and with the world around us.

Our spirit or inner wisdom speaks to us through our bodies, however we can miss important messages if we are disconnected. Developing an ability to listen to the softer, gentler messages arising in the body informs us of the truth in any given moment. What would it be like to be in tune to true inner listening? So many of us have had a less than perfect introduction to our sexuality. When sexuality becomes hurtful or scary we tend to leave the body, retreating into thoughts and distractions instead of feelings, sensations and emotions. Therefore we are less connected to the body and it’s natural wisdoms. Although the subject of Tantra or sacred sexuality often brings up fear or guardedness or fantasy it can be a deeply healing process. I was terrified at first and yet my longing to feel more connection kept me on the path.

As we develop more awareness in the body, more inner listening, we begin to experience sexuality in a different light. Through the practices of Tantra we begin to feel a sense of safety and newness in exploring intimacy and connection in our lives.

When we develop a deep inner listening to our heart and our body, and when we begin speaking our truth our body starts to trust us. This trust becomes the doorway to a relaxed and peaceful state of being.

Tantra is the bringing of sexuality and spirit together. There was a time in my life I had very little connection between my heart and my sexuality. My first experience with sex gave me the impression that sex had nothing to do with love. I also had very little feeling of pleasure during sex. Although I wanted to have sex for the physical contact, I still felt sexually unsatisfied.

Tantra brought me such a sense of honoring and divine communion that I began to feel more open, more pleasure and more love. As I continue to choose to bring awareness, prayer and deep intimacy into all my interactions my relationship to my sexuality continues to blossom. Tantra became my spiritual path and my work as a teacher and healer. I love to support the positive changes this work can bring to people’s lives.

learning to fly

Dear friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying Spring with all the hatching, growing and flowering going on.

I’m enjoying watching 3 fledgling hawks having grown too big for the nest, still sitting on branches near the nest and peeping like babies. They seem nervous about taking flight yet this is the time to take flight. Maybe this sounds familiar?

I too am feeling the fear and the excitement of taking flight. As I speak with loved ones around me, I have a sense that many of us are being challenged to grow into the next step in our lives.

These past weeks, I’m finding lots of change happening in my life for which I’m needing to take deep breaths to stay grounded… mostly. I ask myself the question, “How do I expand to include this?”

The thing I pay attention to is whether my body relaxes with the idea of this change or not, regardless of whether it scares me. The body has such deep wisdom to guide us.

I’m admitting the truth even when it’s not easy and letting go of parts of my life that I’ve always held dear! And yet I trust in my direction, feeling more freedom to take flight in my life.

It is my joy to help you walk through these changes that we are all being called upon to make.

Simply being held can be the perfect medicine reminding you that you are not alone.

Sending my love and support,
Lindy Dakini James