Is Tantra about S£x?

Is Tantra about S£x?
A Deeper Perspective on Sacred Sexuality


When I first began Tantra, I assumed it was all about s£x, orgasms and orgies.

In actuality, Tantra uses subtle s£xual energy to open the body and the chakra system.  In order to feel these subtle s£xual and sensual energies, Tantra teaches us the art of embodiment — which can be blissfully ecstatic!

Tantra is not a way to bypass the wounds and confusion we may have around s£x. Instead, Tantra is a path to heal and awaken the places within our s£xuality that have shut down or gone numb.  Tantra teaches us to slow down and let go of goals. We learn that it’s important to go at our own pace, honoring our boundaries and those of our partner.

For me, Tantra is a path to clear away the habitual patterns, stories and wounding from the past, in order to find our true essence.  The Tantric path guides us into deep connection with ourselves, and eventually with others, nature and the divine.  Making love can feel like a meditation: slow, present and without a goal – a delicious letting go.

I’ve heard it said that, “Tantra is the quickest way to enlightenment, and the most fraught with danger.”  We will face and embrace that which we might usually flee from or cover up.  This path is one of courage and trust.  It is a healing path.

How do we walk the Tantric path?

The short answer is: witness our beliefs and bring ourselves back into the present moment.

Tantra may look like it’s about s£x, but it’s really about connection.  We connect with all of the chakras to be open, awake and alive.  We become so embodied that we can notice when we are offline or disconnected.  Then, Tantric practices bring us back home, back into a place of trust.

Regular practice is so important for building sensitivity to the subtle energies we work with in Tantra.  This is why I suggest my guided morning tantric practice and monthly classes in community, either online or in person.

It is my joy to be on this Tantric path, to love and guide anyone who is willing to walk.

Blessed be.


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