Invite sacred tantric sexuality into your life

Meet Lindy James, the Sacred Intimate

Tantra is the conscious choice to love deeply, to prepare your heart to show up with love, for yourself, for your partner, and for all of life! Through conscious breathing, and by slowing down and listening to the body, we begin to find our inner knowing. We develop the mindfulness needed to transform our lives. When we bring mindfulness into the bedroom, we bring a refined awareness to our sexual experience, becoming finely attuned to the wonders of our bodies. By remaining in the moment, without judgment, sex becomes more pleasurable, potent, and loving. Tantra is stepping into sacred relationship with yourself, each other and the Divine.

The practice of Tantra is dedicating the time and energy to opening our hearts to love. I call this blissipline. Tantra gave me a sense of who I am as a reflection of the Divine, and taught me to love my humanity. I have gained a deeper acceptance for myself in my yoni and in my heart. Through Tantra, we can learn to feel truly held, and by extension, develop the capacity to truly hold another. At whatever place you begin this journey…you are welcome. What matters is your true desire to take the leap into the unknown. Together, let’s step into the Permission Zone, where you are invited to discover your true expression through sacred sexuality.

What to Expect

Together you will create a safe and sacred space to start every session. Based on your needs and desires as a couple or an individual, Lindy will teach techniques to give you a foundation to connect more deeply with yourself and your beloved, and fan the spark of intimacy in your love life. Every session is different. There is no set way to proceed. In the beginning, sessions may be simple and slow. Some people start with baby steps and some with big leaps. What is consistent is that we always proceed with an inner listening to the body’s wisdom.

A Sacred Tantric Healing session is an experience of being awakened to your own divine nature and immersed in a state of vital, loving, erotic energy. This is a healing for your spirit as well as your body.

One of the skills you will learn is the capacity to listen to your “yes” and your “no,” and to always be true to your inner voice.

Working with Lindy

Your Tantric journey is best supported over a course of several sessions. It requires a commitment from each participant to practice between sessions, and a willingness to change old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Are you ready to give yourself the gift of integrating Tantra and allowing transformation in your life?

Private Sessions
Lindy offers private sessions for individuals or couples, custom-designed for your personal needs.  Sessions with Lindy are primarily held over zoom or in her home office near Santa Cruz.

Sessions last 1 hour.
$150 for individuals and $175 for couples.
Package of 4 x sessions: $500 (savings of $100) / $600 (savings of $100)

Contact Lindy

Sacred Tantra Educator; Lindy James

You will be taken on a tour into the Mystery of yourself!

In my work with Lindy, I felt very much held. She has a way of holding sacred space as a safe container that allowed me to move into a deeper and more full expression of myself. The safety that she established helped me to feel that my process was totally accepted and invited.

Lindy’s work is profound and her level of integrity is impeccable. She is clear and clean in her guidance with no hidden agendas. The love she puts into her work reflects the quality of her presence beautifully.

Lindy is a powerful woman, an inspirational leader and an intuitive guide. She creates a space of absolute love and permission to explore, to find your yes and your no, to listen to your heart, be present in your body and true to yourself.

We will continue to practice what we learned and add this important element to our blossoming connection. Thank you so much for your beautiful work! I really believe in what you are doing and will refer people to you.