Pleasure, Sovereignty & the Tantric Path

Healing the rift between s£xuality and pleasure in our world

In a society where s£xuality is considered a sin or used as currency to sell products or the idea of what beauty is, great harm is done to body and soul. This societal sickness is contagious and hurt begets more hurt.

Because we are conditioned by culture, religion and family over our lifetime…our natural sensuality is often confusing and shameful. And yet it is one of the most natural, healthy and inspiring things we can cultivate. Feeling our pleasure is energizing, good for the immune system, and a source of healthy joy!

Tantra teaches us that s£x is a sacred act.

To experience this, we must heal from our cultural views, family hand-me-down belifs and our own self degradation.  Self love is the beginning: reawakening the pathways to pleasure, choosing to follow ‘inner listening’ about when you say yes and when you say no.Often our voice (ability to express) gets shut down in order to not cause trouble, to feel safe. Although this might have been true when we were young, it no longer serves us now; in fact, now it gets in the way. So many behaviors our younger selves developed to feel safe are outdated and can even be harmful.

I own that “I am a recovering nice girl.”

Deep in my subconscious, I was terrified that I’d lose love if I wasn’t nice.  I was willing to suffer a lot at my own expense while being nice.
I did everything to avoid conflict.  When my rational mind examined the situations I was afraid of, it found no real threats.  But to my heart, it felt like life or death. In the realm of s£x, I gave myself away far too many times, and eventually lost the sensation of enjoying intimacy until I found my healing through Tantra.

I still get afraid in conflict, but now I have the tools to step-up and speak my truth with fierce love, even admist my fear.

S£xual pleasure is our birthright.

Let’s take a stand for that and heal the wounds that have taken it away. No one has a say over our pleasure but ourselves.Tantra is one path to reclaiming our sovereignty. And the Tantric community is a wonderful place to be supported with stepping into freedom.

Finding our NO and having someone say thank you is so very healing! Being held in our fears, tears and joy is a dream come true. Through this we find our true YES and the path to sovereignty with our bodies and lives.

With deep reverence,
Lindy James
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