Love Blows Open My Heart (Again)

Love Blows Open My Heart (Again)

When my son was two weeks old, I remember being shocked at the sheer intensity of my feelings.  The love for my husband at the time didn’t come close.

The love I was experiencing for this new being was so massive that it felt like I could be killed by it.  Like I might die from how big the feelings were!

It was a strange sensation of simultaneous Vulnerability and Joy.  
Love had blown open my heart.

Then this spring, my son had a son.

I met my grand baby when he was four days old.  I visited again when he was one week old, and just now at his six week mark.  I felt incredible love for him, even before he was born – like we already knew each other.

Love had blown open my heart — again!  

My son

My grandson

Allowing the heart to expand in love.

The heart is a tender place.
We never know when love will arrive at our doorstep.
We never know when our heart will expand to new heights and new depths.

The vulnerability of opening to love is a big deal.

Love this big is a dance.
A dance of patience and holding.
A dance of trust.
And of impermanence.

We never know when love comes, or when love will go.

In my work, I often find that love moves through me.  There’s a welling up of care for the people who come to my events or for the people I work with.  This love is tempered with a kind of letting go as I acknowledge that each of you are on your own path and I have no control.

I don’t know if my grandson will live until a ripe old age, beyond my lifetime.
He could go tomorrow, we never know.

When love blooms big in my heart, I use the moment to ground and feel.
And I keep feeling.
I keep allowing love to guide me.

I look forward to being in the bubble of universal love with all of you.
When the time is right, we shall see each other again.

Lindy James

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