For sensual flowing aliveness

Monday – Friday, 8:00-8:30 am (Pacific) online

Can’t make it? Recordings of the meditation are made available daily.

One month for $25


Part of the Tantric path is keeping your sensual aliveness flowing. Start the day feeling open, sensual and alive. Set the tone for the day with 30 minutes of intention, breath and embodiment.

★ If you want to:

  • Use sensual energy as fuel to clear blocked energy and enliven your day
  • Connect to what you know to be true
  • Step out of the story of your fears
  • Begin your day with a relaxed and focused mind!
  • Attune with Gratitude

Then the morning tantra practice is for you!

★ In our time together you will:

  • Become more aware of how you sit, the feel of your body, this present moment.
  • Practice influencing your energy and calling it up and through the body.
  • Connect with the more intuitive part of your mind that’s creative and insightful.
  • Create a positive intention for the day

Through embodiment practices and a five minute meditation, you can witness and look at your present experience with simple noticing. From this connected space, you set an intention that will serve you this day, to support your yummy path and your life’s longing.

All practices are non-sexual, simple exercises to open the body, throat and mind.

♥ Why it Makes a Difference

In my experience, most of our troubles begin with not having mastery over our minds. It is the mind with its beliefs and habitual patterns that takes us away from clarity, inspiration and pleasure. But the mind is trainable, and simple Tantra practices are highly effective training.

Join me to feel energized, alive and turned on for the day!

I look forward to practicing with you soon.

♥ Investment:

$25 for the entire month. 

Can’t make it live? Recordings of the meditation are available.

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With warmest regards,

Lindy James

I felt a connection to my inner world. Since the outer world tends to scream more loudly, the whisper of the inner world gets hidden.

“Lindy’s Embodiment Meditation is an exquisite way to start the day.  Keeps my Tantric practices vibrant with breath and settles my mind with silence.  Peaceful, energizing and grounding.”

“Lindy’s magical morning words have helped me through many days.  My need for grounding is essential.  I feel more aligned in my body and present to be of service to my patients and myself.”

“Connection is key.  This is what Lindy’s meditation is for me.  Connecting with heart, root chakras, earth, source, energy awareness, my energy, divine energy, love and peace.  Lindy’s meditation is an offering, a doorway to the remembrance of the truth of who we are.  I have been with her from the beginning.  I thought I would join this meditation for a couple of months just to get me started in a daily practice.  Well, two years later, I am still dialing in : ))”