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Clearly Voicing Your Desires and Needs

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom Part III: Clearly Voicing Your Desires and Needs Speaking up involves letting go of my fear that I will disappoint someone, or that their feelings could get hurt.  If I don’t speak up, then my body slowly (or quickly) shuts down.  When I don’t respond to what my body is communicating, […]

What’s your favorite way to get turned on?

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom Part II: What’s your favorite way to get turned on? My turn on is connected to energetic and sensual touch.  Some people are wired more sexually.  Others get turned on when there is more physical or psychological kink in the space.  There are also those who like it all […]

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom Part I: How can you learn what you like? When I was younger, lovers would ask me, “What do you like?  How do you like to be touched sensually or sexually?”  I would freeze like a deer in headlights.  I wouldn’t know what to say other than, “Try something and […]

Keeping Relationships Juicy

At the beginning of new love, there can be an effortlessness to passion.  Over time, it is quite common for much of those yummy new relationship feelings to fade.  Life circumstances, health challenges, a new job, children, or aging can add to the sometimes difficult dance of keeping intimacy alive and juicy. One of the biggest blessings of […]

Listening IN thru the Seasons

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Winter can be a time for going within, for slowing down, and for listening more to our body’s wisdom. During quieter times, I can see how much habit there is to being busy, especially around the holidays. When we listen to our body, we are tuning into deep subtle wisdom. I wish […]

Interview – Wisdom of the Body is Calling You

I had a lot of fun during this interview and I hope it holds an unexpected gift for you and your journey.   *Click HERE to listen*    Topics discussed include: Setting boundaries – how to be respectful to yourself Healing power of touch Tantra as an exciting solution for aging sexuality Spirituality of Tantra And much […]

My Tantric Opening

When I was younger, I had reason to disengage or distance myself from my internal body wisdom.  Let’s just say that the way things went, I became less connected to my s£xual center.  I became cut off from feeling pleasure in most of my body.  Nature and horses became my source of goodness and joy. In my […]

Re-Spark Your Sensuality

Do you love each other but you’re not making love enough to bring on that radiant spark? Do you find yourself feeling flat and not sensual these days? Are you interested in deeper intimacy in your life? Here are healing practices to bring back the spark and add more sensuality to your everyday life. I […]

Permission as a Way of Life

My website says, “Welcome to the Permission Zone!”  This concept came from a particular time in my life in the mid 90s when I started to realize the magic that can happen when openness and love are paired with boundaries and clear communication.  So many of us believe that if we are truly ourselves, we will lose love and […]

How Can We Experience the Field of Love?

Tantra teaches us to create a sacred container where the field of Love can blossom. How do we get there? This experience comes naturally when we feel safe to open and relax. Boundaries: We can learn to have clear boundaries and agreements around how we share closeness.  First, we speak up and say what we need […]