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Self-Care: is it a luxury!? Or a necessity?

People’s responses to the concept of self-care often exist on a spectrum.  When self-care is seen as a luxury, it’s often judged as being selfish.  If we aren’t getting sh*t done, we are wasting time on something that’s not important.  From another view, filling every minute of every day can be an exhausting habit.  The self-care […]

Holding the Love and Navigating the Holidays

Holidays are upon us. A mixture of emotions : perhaps joy, magic, confusion. Plus, a pandemic is still in the air…potentially polarizing friends, family and communities. There’s been deep conflict on and off throughout history.  Personally, I’ve become more aware of politics in the last 4-5 years than ever before.  I’ve witnessed how anyone can find […]

How It’s Supposed To Be

We are naturally creatures of connection.  We need touch.  Touch is a part of our health and well being.  Even before the added caution and scarcity of covid, the simple request of asking, “Can you put your arms around me?” may seem foreign and scary. A few years ago, I was talking to a friend of […]

Song 🎵 for an Open Heart

  Hello dear ones, In these times of uncertainty, numbers are going up and down…Can we take our masks off?  Do we have to stay indoors?  Is the variant coming around the corner? We need our center more than ever to put one foot in front of the other and to keep our hearts open.  […]

The Felt Sense: A practice for opening to inner wisdom & peace

I want to start with the invitation to take a deep breath, and a slower exhale. *** Breathe IN *** ******** Breathe OUT ******** Shift from Thinking to Feeling: How does it feel, this breath and this slowing down? Feel the movement of air as you breathe into the nostrils, as the chest expands, and the […]

Can You Feel Me?

I see perception of energy as one of the *magical* foundations of Tantra.  We can develop sensitivity for the feeling of energy in our body, in the room, and in our partner’s energy field. There are times when my students tell me, “I don’t feel anything.”  I invite them to rub their hands together, using friction to create […]

What Does it Mean to Walk the Path of Love?

I want to talk about the Path of Love.  More than that…the Tantra Path.  What I often tell my students is that we are all Love.  We are all “the one.” Many people are looking for “the one” to be with in life.  The way I teach Tantra, or sacred sexuality, is about really stepping […]

How can Community Enhance your Tantra Experience?

One of the things that feels important to me about the work I do, is creating community.  As we learn tantra, we are learning the skills to speak lovingly and to care for one another.  In our tantra community, we have each other to practice good communication with, to practice loving and supporting, to practice […]

A Tantra Course from a Horse

Last week I spoke about the importance of embodiment – the practice of tuning into the body and its wisdom. For me, embodiment is a cornerstone of tantra and has made the biggest difference in healing, in relating, and in truly knowing and trusting my inner wisdom. Embodiment is delicious.  It’s enlivening and dynamic to […]

The Importance of Embodiment

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people are more comfortable in their left brain – a thinking mind figuring it out – and less comfortable in their right brain of awareness.  Awareness allows for intuition, insight and presence.  Although the thinking mind is necessary for building bridges and creating programs, the awareness brain is […]