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How Qi Gong Has Helped Me as a Heart-Centered Tantra Teacher 

Finding Flow & Balance in More Ways Than One When I practice Qi Gong I feel a delicious flow that balances my body, mind and spirit. It is like medicine for the soul. When I practice with a group, I feel a united field together that brings a tender simple joy of being. When I […]

An Invitation to Hibernate With The Solstice

Forced to Stop (and Rest) I was so looking forward to 12 magical days in Mexico at a Buddhist retreat, and wouldn’t you know it… five days into my trip, I got Covid! I would never have chosen to stay in a hotel room to find stillness and cleanse my mind and body.  But life […]

The Joy of Connection

Oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin — lovely chemicals that happen in our brain, encouraging us to pursue pleasure and connection. As we become more and more present in the body, we can notice the felt sense of (the feeling of) goodness in our bodies when we are close to someone.  It can happen with our children, or […]

Pleasure, Sovereignty & the Tantric Path

Healing the rift between s£xuality and pleasure in our world In a society where s£xuality is considered a sin or used as currency to sell products or the idea of what beauty is, great harm is done to body and soul. This societal sickness is contagious and hurt begets more hurt. Because we are conditioned by […]

Is Tantra about S£x?

Is Tantra about S£x? A Deeper Perspective on Sacred Sexuality   When I first began Tantra, I assumed it was all about s£x, orgasms and orgies. In actuality, Tantra uses subtle s£xual energy to open the body and the chakra system.  In order to feel these subtle s£xual and sensual energies, Tantra teaches us the art of […]

Love Blows Open My Heart (Again)

Love Blows Open My Heart (Again) When my son was two weeks old, I remember being shocked at the sheer intensity of my feelings.  The love for my husband at the time didn’t come close. The love I was experiencing for this new being was so massive that it felt like I could be killed […]

Clearly Voicing Your Desires and Needs

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom Part III: Clearly Voicing Your Desires and Needs Speaking up involves letting go of my fear that I will disappoint someone, or that their feelings could get hurt.  If I don’t speak up, then my body slowly (or quickly) shuts down.  When I don’t respond to what my body is communicating, […]

What’s your favorite way to get turned on?

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom Part II: What’s your favorite way to get turned on? My turn on is connected to energetic and sensual touch.  Some people are wired more sexually.  Others get turned on when there is more physical or psychological kink in the space.  There are also those who like it all […]

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom

Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom Part I: How can you learn what you like? When I was younger, lovers would ask me, “What do you like?  How do you like to be touched sensually or sexually?”  I would freeze like a deer in headlights.  I wouldn’t know what to say other than, “Try something and […]

Keeping Relationships Juicy

At the beginning of new love, there can be an effortlessness to passion.  Over time, it is quite common for much of those yummy new relationship feelings to fade.  Life circumstances, health challenges, a new job, children, or aging can add to the sometimes difficult dance of keeping intimacy alive and juicy. One of the biggest blessings of […]