Give your spirit wings to fly

I offer regular classes and sessions for individuals, couples or groups both Online and In Person (in the Bay Area) in these four main areas of focus:

Body Centered

Find out who you really are, own the inner permission to simply be.

By slowing down and listening to the body we begin to find our inner knowing and develop the mindfulness needed to transform our lives. Through the gentle practice of returning again and again to the present moment, the taming of our wild mind begins and Life itself becomes a meditation. more…

Intimacy Coaching
for Men

Be the lover you want to be, just by being present and being yourself.

Practical and compassionate coaching for men of all ages who want more confidence and skill in creating intimate connections. Through the practice of presence and mindfulness, new understanding arises; you’ll find there is really nothing more you need to figure out. It’s all about trusting yourself. Everyone loves authentic men! more…


Step into sacred relationship with yourself, each other, and the Divine.

When we bring mindfulness into the bedroom, we bring a refined awareness to our sexual experience, becoming finely attuned to the wonders of our bodies. By remaining in the moment, without judgment, sex becomes more pleasurable, potent, and loving. more…


Feel yourself relax, become freer, more focused and present.

Periods of silence and periods of gentle guidance bring your attention to what is felt in the body.  Acknowledge what you are grateful for in the present.  Sessions complete by creating a positive intention for the day…