Tantra Video Series

3 Solo Tantra Dates

These videos will guide you in solo Tantra dates with yourself. In Tantra, we tune ourselves, in a sense, like one would tune a beautiful instrument. Each date begins with a few minutes of guided embodiment, and then a self love practice. You may choose to enhance the environment with candles, music, aromatherapy or flowers.

During these precious solo Tantra dates, we will focus on opening and connection:

  • How do we open ourselves so that we feel connected to our Inner Beloved?
  • And to Spirit.

Each video offers a simple guided time to create sacred space for yourself. And to have the pleasure of opening your heart and chakras to your true radiance!

3 Tantra Dates for Couples

Each video will guide you in Tantra dates that you can enjoy with practice partners, friends or lovers. In Tantra, we show you how to tune into yourself and then how to attune and connect with the beloved before you.

First, you will be guided to create sacred space using a simple ritual. Next there will be a few minutes of guided self-embodiment. Then you will be invited into a series of Tantric partner practices. These practices awaken the body and allow deeper intimacy with your partner.

*These dates are not explicitly sexual.