How Qi Gong Has Helped Me as a Heart-Centered Tantra Teacher

How Qi Gong Has Helped Me as a Heart-Centered Tantra Teacher 

Finding Flow & Balance in More Ways Than One
When I practice Qi Gong I feel a delicious flow that balances my body, mind and spirit. It is like medicine for the soul. When I practice with a group, I feel a united field together that brings a tender simple joy of being. When I practice Tantra I also feel Energy along with a similar pleasure of flow and balance. When I practice with others or my lover it creates a beautiful unity combined with subtle pleasure. Both Qigong and Neo-Tantra are nourishing body, mind and spirit.

When I first began practicing Qi Gong, I was a bit dubious, I couldn’t quite feel the energy “Qi”. But I did like the meditative movements, the strength and fluidity that I felt in my body. I’m not so good at sitting meditation, I am much better with embodied movement. In Tantric lovemaking as well as Qi Gong, we practice quieting the mind and listening to the subtle messages of the body.

Slowing Down Enough to Hear the Body, Mind, & Spirit
To teach our mind to recognize and feel sensual energy or Qi, one must slow down enough to register the sensations we might normally miss. We invite the neural pathways to feel into the body and connect with the felt sense of embodiment. Teaching the mind to let go of constant thinking helps us to learn the practice of awareness which is so special. Qi Gong is sensual but not sexual, it feels delightful, uplifting and is healing as well. Qi Gong and Neo-Tantra can both be a subtle pleasure of slow moving deep bliss.

After some time and a little help from my Qi Gong teacher, I developed embodiment skills that helped me listen on the inside. I have learned a few Qi Gong forms that expand and move energy into a lovely flow. I can now feel Qi, direct it throughout my body, and feel bliss.

Qi gong is a practice from the Taoist lineage. It has many forms that teach about tracking and moving energy. Neo-Tantra has its influences from Hindu and Buddhist views of philosophy. Both are beautiful paths to tune or balance the body, mind and spirit.

This June I have some lovely offerings to bring balance to our body, spirit and mind. I highly recommend the Morning Tantra Practice. These are simple practices that help shift old habitual patterns and create new patterns that support bliss in your life! You can listen to a sample of the Morning Tantra Practice here.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


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