Trust your true self – women love an authentic man!

Practical and compassionate coaching for men of all ages who want more confidence and skill in creating intimate connections with women…

  • Do you (or does someone you know) long for deeper and more satisfying relationships with women?
  • Do you ever feel awkward, confused, or don’t know what to say to a woman?
  • Do you feel disconnected from the women in your life?
  • Have you been hurt by a woman and want to heal?
  • Do you simply want to explore new possibilities of joy and intimacy with women?

Lindy James will assist you in the areas of self-confidence, openness to intimacy, and connection to your own hearts’ truth. You’ll be better able to share your unique gifts with women as an authentic man. Enjoy learning to act from your authentic masculine, inviting the feminine to dance with you in your life.

Lindy is a skilled, loving coach, using her own feminine essence to guide you in discovering your true expression as a masculine, sexy, Shiva—and learn the ways of the “Swoon Master.”

Lindy gives you the opportunity to learn and develop better relationship skills in two ways: insightful discussion, and by actually practicing skills with her in roll-play situations. Come explore what gets in your way of having a great time with women in a fun and non-threatening way with Lindy. Her gentle guidance provides a relaxed framework for you to ask questions (no topic is too taboo), get honest feedback, and practice being true to yourself.

Through the practice of presence and mindfulness, new understanding arises; you’ll find there is really nothing more you need to figure out. You’ll love it. The women in your life will love it. And Lindy loves helping you discover it. It is her heart’s joy to invite men to relax into themselves and have fun!

Let Lindy be your guide as you step into the “permission zone” together to bring your authentic expression more fully into world.

What to Expect

The coaching session begins with an open dialogue about what works and what doesn’t work in your love life. With loving compassion, Lindy will listen and acknowledge where you are, noting if you have any specific areas of concern. Then she will help clarify what you want to bring forth in your intimate relationships.

Lindy uses her own inner responses as guide and teacher.  Men get to practice with her* without criticism, but with on-the-spot feedback.

Every session is different and spontaneous.

Individual sessions are 90 minutes.
Cost is $200.00 per session.
Package of 4 sessions: $700 (savings of $100)

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This is not an escort service. Lindy does NOT have sex with her clients. She also is not a licensed psychotherapist.

Lindy has a joyful and playful approach to coaching men. She supports them in discovering what gifts they are to women.

I met with Lindy two times when I was on the edge of breakthrough in a long complicated process. Her presence, her creation of a space where I could comfortably express myself and feel heard, was no doubt a huge part of this long process shifting into resolution. A relationship that I was approaching finally congealed and my will to work further on these life issues was greatly enhanced.

Working with Lindy is an experience of deep nurturing and exploration that allows and encourages one’s natural unfolding. Throughout my work with her, and after, I have experienced a firmer rooting in my spontaneity, and an opening—a deepening of my inherent wonder.

Lindy is a warrior of the heart, whose gentle approach brings one to experience wholeness. I find her work genuinely transformative, especially in terms of accessing the emotional body, which is where connection really happens. Anyone who seeks to know themselves better and give their full attention to others should consider this work.

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