Give your spirit wings to fly

Each month you can join me for events either online or at a beautiful location in Aptos to learn more about Tantra: Taste of Tantro online, Introduction to Tantra for beginners, and Sacred Sensual Saturdays, for those who have some experience. I also offer retreats, a multi-month Tantra training, and special events throughout the year.

Lindy discusses A Taste of Tantra and Sacred Sensual Saturday

Lindy James

I’m a ‘permissionary’ on a mission to help you find your own permission—to show up in your authentic truth, dare to ask for what you want, and taste what you’ve been longing for!”

Lindy is a powerful woman, an inspirational leader and an intuitive guide. She creates a space of absolute love and permission to explore, to find your yes and your no, to listen to your heart, be present in your body and true to yourself. She has a way of knowing where the group, and the individuals in the group, are in our experience, and just what to say or do at just the right moment to give rise to insight and expansion.   I love her events and try not to miss any of them! 

For me Lindy’s introductory Tantra class served as a comfortable place to expand into relaxed intimacy with other interested explorers. She provides gentle instruction as we engage in numerous exercises. It is a safe, pressure free experience that has allowed me to practice staying in-tune to myself as I communicate and interact. I have experienced only positive growth while working with Lindy and I recommend it for everyone!

Thank you for the perfect space, your loving facilitation, and the beautiful beings you gathered. It was exactly what I had longed for and needed: safe and opening. I left utterly grateful and deeply recharged. 

Writing to say a BIG Thank you for last night.  I am very sensitive to energy and you held an amazing space of safety and sensuality last night.  I could really feel it.  It was such a pleasure to be a part of your group last night.  Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to future connections!

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