All we need to know is realized through the body

What would it be like to feel more freedom, joy and aliveness throughout your life? By slowing down and listening to the body we begin to find our inner knowing. We develop the mindfulness needed to transform our lives.

Lindy offers well-marked stepping stones to a deeper level of self-knowledge. She delights in helping her clients embrace the truth of who they really are and in so doing, own the inner permission to simply be. She invites you to explore with her and identify unconscious beliefs that no longer serve you, that hold you back from the clear expression of your truth, and to watch them dissolve in the light of understanding and self-love.

You are truly welcome to show up exactly as you are.

Hakomi, Body-Centered Counseling

Hakomi is a body-centered counseling approach that provides tools you can use in everyday life to calm anxiety, lower stress, face fears, and honor strong emotions.

Lindy’s techniques are simple and effective. She gently guides clients to get out of their minds (and its endless processing of often conflicting stories) and begin listening to the truth told by their own bodies. As we learn to listen to the wisdom of the body it can be surprising how much we already know. The confusion begins to drop away. Old, unhealthy patterns and fears give way to beautiful new habits consciously chosen to support the life you want to live. You learn to make choices that support your vision instead of blocking it.

Sessions with Lindy

Counseling sessions with Lindy are primarily held over zoom or in her home office near Santa Cruz.
Sessions last 1 hour.
$150 for individuals and $175 for couples.
Package of 4 x sessions: $500 (savings of $100) / $600 (savings of $100)

Contact Lindy

I have had the privilege of working with Lindy for many years. I experience Lindy to be insightful, kind, patient, perceptive, grounded, attentive, gracious and professional all at the same time.  Her ability to touch my soul and help me into a new depth of understanding is amazing.

I came to her to help with my body image and compulsive eating.  My dissatisfaction was deeper than weight. My body and my mind were in a state of disconnect. Through Lindy’s help I have been able reconnect with myself as a whole individual. With Lindy, I have been able to connect my body and my emotions. I have so much more understanding and ability to be gentle with myself and others. 

It’s hard to describe Lindy’s impact on my life, as what I’ve learned from her has become so deeply part of who I am that I can’t much remember myself before it.  Working with Lindy one-on-one in Hakomi sessions taught me the language of my own body, and I now converse fluently with this innate but previously untapped source of wisdom every single day.  Lindy is a rare gem who can show you the way back home to yourself.

In our first sessions I would “spin”. I am now grounded and mindful and can be present for myself in the moment. I have discovered the value of paying attention to my body and thoughts. I feel so much more of my own person now vs. reacting to others. Lindy has taught me how to pay attention to myself and feel the love for my child within.  I recommend her most highly as a counselor and teacher and I have the highest respect for her integrity and skills.