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Tantra as a spiritual choice

Tantra, for me, is a spiritual choice as well as a joyful path to heartfelt intimate connection. The choice of enlightened body, speech and mind. The choice, every day, of being so present in the body that the divine can whisper to me, that the earth can be felt exquisitely, and that all the senses […]

Welcome to Tantra at the Permission Zone, with Lindy James

Lindy James describes her introduction to Tantra, how it changed her life and how it changes the lives of those she works with. Tantra is about learning to trust yourself and listen to your body. Re-connecting with the body is a primary factor. Through the practice of “neo-Tantra”, we create intimacy and connection in this […]

Summer Solstice Newsletter 2019

Dear friends, It is my great joy to bring Tantra to our community and share my love for this practice that brings more peace in the world. I am grateful for all the lessons learned through my relationships with Hakomi, Buddhism, Tantra and the Horses (that have been a big part of my life since […]

Tantra as a Sacred Path

Bringing the whole self to the moment, The subject of Tantra or Sacred Sexuality is really about bringing your whole being to every moment. This includes sexuality and making love. I often feel as if the whole being is making love all the time and It is viewing all of life as sacred. As the sunrise […]

learning to fly

Dear friends, I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying Spring with all the hatching, growing and flowering going on. I’m enjoying watching 3 fledgling hawks having grown too big for the nest, still sitting on branches near the nest and peeping like babies. They seem nervous about taking flight yet this is the […]