The Importance of Embodiment

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people are more comfortable in their left brain – a thinking mind figuring it out – and less comfortable in their right brain of awareness.  Awareness allows for intuition, insight and presence.  Although the thinking mind is necessary for building bridges and creating programs, the awareness brain is equally important to life.  In awareness, we come to understand our truth about things, and to notice how our body speaks.

When you feel an emotion, where in your body do you feel it?
If you feel sad, what sensations occur with your grief?

It’s common to feel a sensation and then start to ask WHY.  But analysis can cut us off from our body.  In truth, we don’t need to effort so much trying to figure out the whys or the causes.  As we are present to what happens in our bodies, understanding often arises.

My biggest ethos, you might say, is embodiment – that practice of tuning in to the body and its wisdom.

Listening to the body can tell us what we want.  The body can clue us into what foods will best nourish us, who we want to spend time with, and what decisions we authentically desire to make.  And in conflict, long before we are fully triggered and seeing red, there are warning messages the body shows.

Listening to the body can tell us how to be in relationship with friends, family, or our beloveds and partners.

What do I want?
How do I want to play?
In the realm of sexuality – what would feel good?
How do I open to this?
How do I dance with the beauty of what my yoni or lingam wants?

If we follow what arises as inner knowing rather than the thinking mind, we can stay unhooked from  habits and stories that lead us astray.  We can be present in the truth of the moment.

And in my world of teaching Tantra, we listen to the body and practice connecting that with our voice.  In this embodied awareness, we find our clear boundaries and do the work to heal any hurt, abuse, or fears that may be holding us back from connection and love.

Tantra gives a loving container to shift the fears that can come up with having Beliefs like, “I won’t be loved or I’ll be abandoned.”

For me, embodiment has made the biggest difference in healing, in relating, and in truly knowing and trusting my inner wisdom.

I invite you to take my hand and explore how transformative embodiment can be.

If you are new to sacred sensuality, I welcome you and your beloveds to attend A Taste of Tantra, which is an introductory (and free!) tantra course that I offer on a regular basis.  Please see my online events for more.

For couples or pairs of friends, you may enjoy my Neo-Tantra class (a 5-class series) which I offer on an ongoing basis.  Zoom gives the perfect medium for community and privacy, as we engage in lovely practices to re-spark connection and deepen intimacy.  If you’ve been curious, now is the time to lean in!  See my events page for all my offerings.

With warmest regards,
Lindy James

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