Neo-Tantra Practices for Couples & Friends: 5-Class Series on Saturdays

Neo-Tantra Practices for Couples & Friends 

This class takes place over five months (five Saturdays), and has space for eight couples, or pairs of friends. This course began on February 13th, although you are welcome to join any at any time.                                         Prerequisite for this series: at least one Intro to Tantra (ie: Taste of Tantra) class or comparable training.

Dates are: 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/ 15, 6/12, 3-6pm online, 

Cost: $120 per couple, or pay $500 upfront for all 5 and save $100! 

Description: Each Saturday we will begin with tuning and attuning ourselves and with each other. There will be some time for discussion about Tantra in our lives, Q&A. Ideally you would have the same partner but not required.

You may join some or all of the Saturdays, my preference is to have the same committed group throughout. There may be an opportunity on one of the Saturdays to work in groups of three. And as with any yoga posture, some of you will be able to take what we do to a more advanced level.

Each couple is invited to go at their own pace. This will be a clothing on event. Our Tantric practices will be focusing on finding the Tantric energies and heart connections through communication, healing, touch, and opening to bliss.

Through breath and intention, we can joyfully move energy from the second chakra (the sexual center) up to the heart and into the eyes where we can connect with the Divine.

To register:

) PayPal –  Click here to be directed to Lindy’s direct payment link on Paypal.
(if you could, please  pay as a friend or add $3 to help cover the transaction fee)
You must note the DATE OF EVENT when you pay so that I know which day you are attending.

2) By Venmo. will get you there

You will receive a confirmation letter 2 days before the event, and after payment has been received.

Payment is refundable up to 5 days before the event.

Please contact me with any questions and more information:

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