A Tantra Course from a Horse

Last week I spoke about the importance of embodiment – the practice of tuning into the body and its wisdom.

For me, embodiment is a cornerstone of tantra and has made the biggest difference in healing, in relating, and in truly knowing and trusting my inner wisdom.

Embodiment is delicious.  It’s enlivening and dynamic to become present to hearing ourselves, the people around us, or even nature.

As we develop the ability to bring ourselves into the present moment, the body trusts us because we are aligning with what is true.  Our lovers and friends start to trust us more.  Even horses trust us more!?!?

I’ve been with horses my whole life.  Their body language is elaborate because they don’t make much sound.

Similarly, our feeling heart doesn’t make much sound, but it does speak.  For example, the tightness of your throat is a message.  It’s not “words or sound”, but it is speaking.  The aching of your chest or the expansion of your lungs is a communication.

Back to horses.  They speak all the time.  But they get dull and disappointed in humans because we aren’t paying attention and listening.  Believe it or not, horses get excited and super communicative when they notice we’re listening and not forcing them to only do what we want.

Our bodies are the same.  When we listen, rather than forcefully lead with judgment and supposed to’s, we can become attuned to how our bodies and hearts communicate.  If we are true to ourselves, the energy begins to flow and open.

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