Learning How To Truly Make Love

My First Tantra Steps:

As I shared in my last article about Tantra Myths, at my first Tantra training, I was 34 years old, and terrified.

I judged myself as not Tantra material and almost didn’t attend.  But the inspiring results of a dear friend, whose transformations continued to grow even months after her training, had me push through my resistance.

Ultimately, I attended my inaugural Tantra training with my partner (at the time).  We were taught some things during the day and instructed to practice in our hotel room that night.

I tell you truthfully, it was not the techniques that made the biggest impression.  It was the shift in how we started relating to each other.  As if everything we we did was an opportunity to make more love. 

Shopping together for dinner, it was the first time my partner had held my hand while walking through a supermarket as we chose wine, grapes and cheese.

To my delight, he also had a bag of rose petals to put in the bath for me, and a little trail of petals from the bed to the bath he had drawn.  The entire room was candlelit and I was in sensual heaven.  I had never had such a decadent experience.

When we first learn to be present with one another, people can fall in love (or back in love) because we are all longing for true listening and presence.  Our heart is ignited in these spaces!

Fast forward a year:

After the second Tantra intensive I took, my whole being could see that this was a path for me.  And there was NO SEX.  There was NO ORGY – lol!  There was just a tender repeated asking about, “What is in the way of opening to my sexuality?”

I began assisting the Tantra weekends and got to hear messages about: energy and chakras; about creating a safe container for healing or awakening to happen; and about prayer and ethics.  I continued on by learning Hakomi (a body centered form of psychology), which added to my experience of what it is to find stillness within.

Each Tantra teacher has their own ethos.  Some are about bigger, better orgasms.  That is certainly one of the benefits.

I focus on learning how to truly make love.  

  • How can we slow down to a pace that’s gentle enough for our hearts to open during the journey?

  • How can we play at our edge, but not go so far as to disassociate?

Lots of us had sex without any education about what true connection and love making is.  

There is so much more to what Tantra really is, and I invite you to start with my programs.  I take people along in gentle steps, all the way to advanced practices.

I welcome you to contact me with any questions, curiosities or support for your expanded and fulfilled life of loving!

Blessed be,

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