3 Myths of Tantra

In my experience, there is often confusion around the topic of Tantra.  Misconceptions cloud up what Tantra is, and could be.

At my first Tantra training, I was 34 years old, and terrified.

I had preconceived ideas about Tantra, and I certainly didn’t fit that mold.  Luckily, though, in the back of my mind, I had an example of one of my friends who had done the same Tantra training and continued the Tantra practices she learned.  Each time we visited, I saw she was looking more radiant and more confident.

Most workshops I’ve done create a high without any true transformation. But when I witnessed her Tantric changes staying and growing, I was inspired enough to get past my resistance.

My Tantric path has been a wonderful journey of trusting my body, finding my voice, and feeling the divine nature of myself as a sensual woman. I am so grateful to all my teachers and trainings.

Myth #1 – Tantra is all about hot, and maybe even group sex

Beautiful love making is but one of the benefits of learning Tantra. Healing the blocks to deeper intimacy and heart opening connection is a pathway to: safety, confidence, self-love and more energy!  

A big part of Tantra is authenticity.  Using our voice is sexy!  When we can honestly express our needs and desires, the menu of satisfying options ranges from sexual play to heart centered stillness.  When we tell the truth, our body trusts us more.  We feel more relaxed, and that relaxation opens us to pleasure and union with the moment.

Myth #2 – You have to be young and beautiful to do Tantra

Anyone can learn the practices and teachings of Tantra. Learning the art of Tantra can begin at any age, any shape, any gender. The beauty comes from within as we love and accept ourselves. I feel more beautiful now than when I was younger, thinner and in better shape!

We all have the basic ability to open ourselves to the healing and awakening practices of the Tantric path.  Our sexual energy becomes fuel for living life with magical aliveness!  And part of that path of opening includes self-love, and if desired, relationship with other(s).

Myth #3 – You have to have a partner in order to start or practice Tantra

Tantra offers many solo practices to tune our energy and learn to listen to the inner wisdom of our body.

Additionally, we can connect with friends (sexual or more often non-sexual) to learn the path of love together.  In Tantra, we create a safe container within which we can share: Fears, Desires & Boundaries in any given practice time. I call this: learning with a Tantra buddy.  Instead of waiting for “The One,” we are all “The One” learning together. 

The way that I look at Tantra: It’s a spiritual path to awaken to our own true nature.  Tantra is considered a yoga, a union.  For me, it’s a union with my own divinity and a reflection of the divine. I invite you to join me as we explore the Tantric path to Love, Healing and Aliveness.

I offer private sessions for individuals or couples.  We meet either online or in my home office near Santa Cruz.  Book a Free Discovery Session to connect with me.  Or visit my website for a full list of event offerings.

Dedicated to your fulfillment,
Lindy James

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