Tantra is Healing

I’ve said before that I see Tantra as a spiritual path to awaken to our own true nature.  Tantra is considered a yoga, a union.  For me, it’s a union with my own divinity and a reflection of the divine.

On the path of awakening, there is healing that naturally happens.  It’s powerful for me to watch my clients step out of their habitual patterns of self-denial, lack of trust, and holding back — into a place of radiance, blooming, and consistent aliveness. 

For those who have been used, abused or even raped, Tantra (the way I offer it – every teacher is different) offers a slow steady journey back to aliveness; back to awakening in all of the chakras.

For example: the second chakra is the sexual center, and it is often shut down and blocked.  As it gets turned back on, opened and cleared of all the woundings and the hurt, we come back to a form of wholeness.  From that space, we are empowered to move from our authenticity: whether that is to make love, be sensual, or to not be sexual, if that’s our truth.  A thriving 2nd chakra also feeds our creativity!

The third chakra is our power center.  A whole and healed power center stops us from giving our power away – it ignites us to be bold, to set our boundaries, and to speak our truth.

There is so much more to what Tantra really is, and it’s my joyful mission to help guide your path.  I take people along in gentle steps, all the way to advanced practices.

I invite you to join me as we explore the Tantric path to Love, Healing and Aliveness.  Please contact me with any questions, curiosities or needed support.

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