How can Community Enhance your Tantra Experience?

One of the things that feels important to me about the work I do, is creating community.  As we learn tantra, we are learning the skills to speak lovingly and to care for one another.  In our tantra community, we have each other to practice good communication with, to practice loving and supporting, to practice moving the energies of our sexuality and sensuality.

It’s such a gift to have the support of community as we break the rules and taboos that may have held us back and made us smaller.  There are so many of them.  For instance, I often say that I’m a recovering good girl or nice girl.  In this role, we give at our own expense.  It can be extremely challenging to break the habit, or dare I say addiction, to being nice and being liked as opposed to risk disappointing others by being authentic.

Yes, being a pleaser or a nice person can be outside of our truth.  That said, being kind and loving can be authentic.  We don’t have to abandon being nice, to be authentic.  But loving kindness can look like saying, “No.”  It can look like saying, “This doesn’t serve me.”  Here in this tantra community, we can learn ways to speak in alignment with truth and love.

During my group events, we build a trusted community where we can be an evolving mess!  We can come into the room in tears, in rapture, or in fear and ask for what we need.  It’s a place to play and practice asking for what we need.  To lay in each other’s arms.  To laugh, to cry, to be held.  To be witnessed, as we grow.

And in addition to being witnessed, we get to witness!  It is an incredible gift to behold another’s transformation.  I invite you to experience the wholeness of tantra, as we learn to breathe through everything and stay in our truth, in community, in love.  

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