Wisdom of the Body is Calling You

In the beginning of learning to feel energy, most of us (myself included) don’t feel a thing.  I’m sure we had the ability to feel more when we were little.  But as we started to feel overloaded in life, we turned off certain sensory perceptions to be more comfortable.  When tuning out, it’s hard to be selective and many of us tuned out our capacity to be embodied and feel the subtleties of energy.

For some of you, the term energy might be off-putting.  The taoist teachers call it Qi (chee).  In Tantra, we practice rewiring our brain to feel Qi, to feel energy, to feel one another, to feel our own body’s inner wisdom, and to learn to feel each of the chakras.

The heart and solar plexus chakras can be easiest to feel because at some point in life we’ve had huge disappointment or heartbreak.  Big emotion generates big sensation in these chakras. 

Kundalini is an energy, generally a sensual energy that hangs out in the sacrum (tailbone area).  When we activate it, gently and slowly, we can start to feel the deliciousness of a movement up the spine and out into our auric field – often called an undulation or kriya.

I have students tell me, “I don’t feel anything, Lindy.”  

Sometimes we have a lot of noise.  A heavy critic.  Depression.  Things that interrupt our ability to feel.  If we make Tantra a daily practice, yes, we are going to have to feel the things we don’t like as well.  But the surprising benefit is that when you really feel an emotion, it starts to diminish it’s hold on you.  It’s really the effort of pushing it away that causes so much of our suffering.

Activity: Start with something simple like putting your hand over your heart.  Tune into your chest, and to how the skin of your chest feels your hand – the warmth of it, the pressure of it, the size of it.  And notice how your hand feels your chest – the rise and fall of your breath.  Slowly, begin to feel into the heart – the tenderness that’s there, the vulnerability, the joy, the openness or the shut down.The energy in our body speaks to us, guides us.  There are sensations and subtle hints that communicate, “Don’t go there; call that person; speak up; step away; go breathe some fresh air.”  Body wisdom is calling out to us, but when we are distracted, and up in our head, we miss the messages.  We don’t hear them.

Learning how to feel energy is a process.  It’s a worthy endeavor.  If you would like my help: join the guided embodiment practice, or book a session with me and I can give you some coaching around that.  You can practice feeling yourself, the energetics of yourself, tuning to the energy in space with another, and with nature.  And, of course, you can practice feeling love.

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