We Are Here for Each Other

Dearest friends,

May you be at peace, may you be grounded and may your heart be open to guide you.

For me, these strange times are a time to go within and find peace as well as a time to reach out when I need support. This is also a time to show up for another’s request for support. I find that I am navigating pretty well but I have a tendency to “Not need help” when I feel tender, afraid, or just a mess. These days I practice reaching out anyway and I find my friends help me remember that I am lovable just the way I am. Not always easy but worth it.

Even though we can’t be in person, we can still feel each other through a zoom video or phone call. When I feel out of balance, to get myself back in the flow, I let myself cry, I do breathing practices, I laugh with a friend. Of course, I would rather be in-person, I miss seeing you. I have always felt the importance of community as being the family many of us never had. We take care of each other, we are the light for one another and we can show up for each other. We can practice receiving loving care from one another.

Tantra or western Tantra, as you know, is a very big part of my life. For me, Tantra is about listening to the inner wisdom which helps us clear the blocks to our flow of energy. Through inner listening, we can attune to our life force and find the dance within it.

Please join me in the dance of self-care and play in our online Pujas.

Warmly, Lindy James           lindy@lindyjames.com

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