Re-Spark Your Sensuality

  • Do you love each other but you’re not making love enough to bring on that radiant spark?
  • Do you find yourself feeling flat and not sensual these days?
  • Are you interested in deeper intimacy in your life?

Here are healing practices to bring back the spark and add more sensuality to your everyday life.

I know what it’s like, I’ve been there!  The sadness and sometimes shame around not feeling juicy and available. There can be a big disconnect between our sexual center and our Lifeforce.

Tantra can give us step-by-step simple practices to bring our sexuality online, whether we are single or in a relationship. Regardless of the reason that our bodies lose the spark, we can bring it back.

Here are a few sweet little ways we can re-engage our sensuous energy body.

We start with bringing back the sensations of pleasure.

With one hand, touch or cup your genitals.  Place your other hand on your heart.  Take three slow deep breaths.  With each inhale, give a slight squeeze of your PC muscles (a kagel).

As you inhale, become aware of the feeling of air moving through the nostrils, the throat.  Feel the expansion of the lungs.  As you exhale, deeply relax…melt.

Expand your awareness to sink deeper into your skin.  Begin to rock the pelvis, letting Waves come up your spine when you feel the spark of pleasure; however small or big, breathe it in and up.  

Energy follows intention.

In your mind’s eye, imagine that you are sipping from the well of sensuality as you breathe in and up.  It may take several times before you feel anything.  Be patient with yourself.

Do this before getting up in the morning; in the shower; with your partner; or with yourself in loving Presence.  This practice reconnects the mind and the feeling of sensuality in the body, including the genitals.

If you’re curious for more, I’m available for discovery sessions

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