Interview – Wisdom of the Body is Calling You

I had a lot of fun during this interview and I hope it holds an unexpected gift for you and your journey.


*Click HERE to listen* 


Topics discussed include:

  • Setting boundaries – how to be respectful to yourself

  • Healing power of touch
  • Tantra as an exciting solution for aging sexuality

  • Spirituality of Tantra

And much more…

With all the rules from our society, our culture, our family, plus whatever emotional baggage we’ve accumulated, we often live as if we do not have permission to be our true selves. We generally aren’t given the guidance of how to listen to our hearts’ longing, and don’t have the tools to get past our self-imposed obstacles, even if we do hear a faint voice from somewhere deep inside us.

I’m a ‘permissionary’ on a mission to help you find your own permission—to show up in your authentic truth, dare to ask for what you want, and taste what you’ve been longing for!


May this support your most fulfilled life.
Love, Lindy

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