Can You Feel Me?

I see perception of energy as one of the *magical* foundations of Tantra.  We can develop sensitivity for the feeling of energy in our body, in the room, and in our partner’s energy field.

There are times when my students tell me, I don’t feel anything.”  I invite them to rub their hands together, using friction to create heat.  Similarly, you can shake your hands for a minute and then hold still.  In the stillness, you’ll feel a kind of tingling in the palms.

In Tantra, we train our mind to be more present to the body, especially to the chakra centers.  Two of which are found in the palms of our hands.  

I feel with each of my chakras; there are a few I’m especially good at 😉.  I’ve learned their language and can usually sense what is being communicated.

For example:

–A lump in my throat means I’m holding back my voice.

–An expansive feeling in my heart points to safety and excitement.

–Tension in the tummy is connected to something I dread happening.  And so on…

One big thing that gets in the way of perceiving energy is a busy mind.  We may be buzzing with thoughts of how we want to turn someone on, or how we can earn this person’s love, as opposed to quietly and reverently feeling ourselves, spirit, god, the other and the room.  

To the best of my ability, I teach students how to feel into a Tantric experience.  We let go of preconceived ideas about Tantra and what it is to have a sexual experience.  We slow down and listen deeply, being guided by that.

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