Tantra as a spiritual choice

Tantra, for me, is a spiritual choice as well as a joyful path to heartfelt intimate connection.

The choice of enlightened body, speech and mind.

The choice, every day, of being so present in the body that the divine can whisper to me, that the earth can be felt exquisitely, and that all the senses are delighted.  The choice to breathe deeply through my tears, fears and stuck places because I know we are meant to be alive and dancing.

Awakening in this way, we move through what is in the way, what blocks us from pure joy. It all comes up for healing.

It has been said, “Tantra is not for the faint of heart.” We no longer can hide from the hurts, but rather we feel everything. Sometimes we need the help of an experienced person to hold space as we begin to feel what has been denied.

Samsara (illusion or suffering) is part of life but we have choice as to whether we get stuck in it or move through it.

As we practice quieting the mind and listening to the body, we find the strength to face our shadow, our sorrow and see our habitual patterns, the patterns that have been laid down throughout our life.

Tantra is a spiritual path that includes our sexuality. The center of our sexuality, second chakra, is a great source of energy, of inspiration, of creativity. Yet in our culture, the power of our sexuality has been repressed, abused and used for centuries. Healthy sexuality and passion is a beautiful and powerful thing!

The practices of Tantra are designed to heal and awaken this sacred center, as well as all the centers. Through meditation, through the training of the mind, we break free of the habitual patterns that take us away from the present moment. This takes time, dedication and practice. The part of our mind conditioned around sexuality is a tough nut to crack.

Through all this, we come forth more alive more grounded, more able to touch into the gifts of love and insight. Tantra is about saying yes to everything.

When we come together as practitioners with the clear intention to be present with one another, to be conscious of our habitual patterns, and to heal one another, there’s no greater gift.

In my work as a teacher and sexual healer I combined the tools of Neo Tantra, embodiment, Taoist practices and the tenants of Hakomi (a body centered form of psychotherapy.)
You are warmly invited to explore this path with me privately or in my group classes. I look forward to meeting you.

We have a beautiful Tantric community growing together in this dance of presence and love.

I welcome all genders, sexual preferences, expressions of the divine, and expressions of fluidity.

There is a beautiful truth calling you out into the world, and I would love to support you in any way I can.

Lindy James