5 Day Tantra Immersion

Thank you for your registration to this program.  I hope you enjoy the recordings and that they bless your life!

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Love, Lindy

I have had the privilege of working with Lindy for many years. I experience Lindy to be insightful, kind, patient, perceptive, grounded, attentive, gracious and professional, all at the same time. Her ability to touch my soul and help me into a new depth of understanding is amazing.

I came to her to help with my body image and compulsive eating and that my dissatisfaction was deeper than simply to lose weight. My body and my mind were in a state of disconnect. Through Lindy’s help I have been able to connect myself as a whole individual. With Lindy I have been able to connect my body and my emotions. I have become so much more understanding and gentle with myself and others.

In our first sessions I would ‘spin.’ I am now grounded and mindful and can be present for myself in the moment. I have discovered the value of paying attention to my body and thoughts. I feel so much more of my own person now vs. reacting to others. Lindy has taught me how to pay attention to myself and feel the love for my child within.

I recommend her most highly as a therapist and teacher and I have the highest respect for her integrity and skills.

Lindy is a powerful woman, an inspirational leader and an intuitive guide. She creates a space of absolute love and permission to explore, to find your yes and your no, to listen to your heart, be present in your body and true to yourself. She has a way of knowing where the group, and the individuals in the group, are in our experience, and just what to say or do at just the right moment to give rise to insight and expansion. I love her events and try not to miss any of them!

For me Lindy’s introductory Tantra class served as a comfortable place to expand into relaxed intimacy with other interested explorers. She provides gentle instruction as we engage in numerous exercises. It is a safe, pressure free experience that has allowed me to practice staying in-tune to myself as I communicate and interact. I have experienced only positive growth while working with Lindy and I recommend it for everyone!