Tantra Massage Video

Thank you for your purchase of this video.

During our video taping, the sky opened and a rainstorm visited us.  We hope you enjoy the pitter patter of rain drops that can be heard in the background of the audio track.  You are encouraged to enhance your massage experience by adding your own music in the background.  And pause the video whenever appropriate to be in your own Tantra Massage flow.

I hope you enjoy the teaching and that it blesses your life!

If you have any technical difficulties or want to get in touch, please email me: and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Love, Lindy

We will continue to practice what we learned and add this important element to our blossoming connection. Thank you so much for your beautiful work! 

Lindy is a powerful woman, an inspirational leader and an intuitive guide. She creates a space of absolute love and permission to explore, to find your yes and your no, to listen to your heart, be present in your body and true to yourself. 

Lindy provides gentle instruction. It is a safe, pressure free experience that has allowed me to practice staying in-tune to myself as I communicate and interact. I have experienced only positive growth while working with Lindy and I recommend it for everyone!

Lindy’s loving presence and gentle guidance allowed me to find that same presence within myself — to meet her there, stay awhile, and feel what real connection is possible in this world. Her guidance helped me learn the rich language of my own body, and this inner wisdom has become one of the most valuable assets in my life.