3 Solo Tantra Dates

Thank you for your registration to this program.  I hope you enjoy the videos and that they bless your life!

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Love, Lindy

I have been doing meditation, yoga for 2 years. Tantra was something I tried to stay away from because of all the sexual emphasis it has. But your teachings definitely helped me feel things that I haven’t felt before. I could be in touch with myself and truly connect with universal love. 

Thanks again for the wonderful experience. 

Lindy brings her whole heart and attention to her work. I felt held, important, valuable and genuinely loved. 

Lindy’s loving presence and gentle guidance allowed me to find that same presence within myself — to meet her there, stay awhile, and feel what real connection is possible in this world. Her guidance helped me learn the rich language of my own body, and this inner wisdom has become one of the most valuable assets in my life. Her work is truly a gift for anyone on the journey of self-discovery.