…to The Permission Zone with Lindy James

It is my great joy to assist you in finding the Permission Zone in your life!

With all the rules from our society, our culture, our family, plus whatever emotional baggage we’ve accumulated, we often live as if we do not have permission to be our true selves. We generally aren’t given the guidance of how to listen to our hearts’ longing, and don’t have the tools to get past our self-imposed obstacles, even if we do hear a faint voice from somewhere deep inside us. Isn’t it time to do something about that? Through the process of embodiment we will learn somatically the “felt sense” connection to our inner wisdom!

As we take time to get curious and look within, the mind begins to relax, and our ability to hear the heart’s voice grows in strength. With this wisdom as steady guidance, I offer a variety of ways to bloom wide open into the life you want to live:


By slowing down and listening to the body we begin to find our inner knowing and develop the mindfulness needed to transform our lives. Through the gentle practice of returning again and again to the present moment the taming of our wild mind begins and Life itself becomes a meditation.

Find out who you really are and in so doing, own the inner permission to simply be. More…

Intimacy Coaching for Men

Practical and compassionate coaching for men of all ages who want more confidence and skill in creating intimate connections with women. It’s all about trusting yourself—women love authentic men! More…

Tantric Education

When we bring mindfulness into the bedroom, we bring a refined awareness to our sexual experience, becoming finely attuned to the wonders of our bodies. By remaining in the moment, without judgment, sex becomes more pleasurable, potent, and loving. Tantra is stepping into sacred relationship with yourself, each other, and the Divine. More…

Wind Horse
Wind Horse is a unique blend of Hakomi (a body-centered method of therapy) and horseback riding that helps us find our “seat” in our everyday lives. This work is great for facing fears, relaxing the nervous system, developing focus, and turning inward to listen to your body’s messages. More…

Lindy James

“I am a permissionary, on a mission to support you in finding your own permission to show up in your authentic truth. Dare to ask for what you want! And take a taste of what you’re longing for!”

– Lindy James