Winter Solstice Retreat

NEW! Winter Solstice Retreat! Dec, 20th-23rd

Stepping into winter Solstice, the time of stillness and hibernation, we are creating our own ‘Holy Days’ by slowing down in this beautiful winter retreat. It is our longing to relax together into the nourishing Stillness.

Each day will have periods of moving meditation, sitting meditation, dharma talks,
Qi Gong and sacred sexuality talks and more. How does life move through us in this beautiful dance of aliveness? How can we ignite and meet our true, Buddha nature?

On Friday there will be a silent Tea ceremony with Frederick Ballario. He has just returned from Thailand deepening his teachings with tea. I (Lindy) have experienced the ceremony twice with Frederick and I love the stillness and the mastery that he brings to create a magical awareness in the body mind and spirit. The tea is often mild, but those of you that are completely caffeine free might sit and watch instead of participating. There is a maximum number for this ceremony of 15.

Qi gong, led by Rachel Van Dessel, opens and clears the energies in our body and connect us with our sensual nature.  Rachel is a delightful, playful and beautifully awake Qi gong teacher and Buddhist. There’s clarity in her teaching that makes the movement very easy to follow.
There will be the option of some overnights at the house and possibly five minutes away at a friend’s house and if you prefer a hotel there is a Best Western/Seacliff Inn in Aptos only eight minutes away.

It is so lovely for us all to be together. The meals will be lunch and dinner potluck. You can also bring something for yourself and eat with us.  We are five minutes drive to the ocean.

Each day has three sessions. You have the option to come to an individual session, an entire day, or all three days.

Price per day….$60-$75 sliding scale
Price per session….$15-$35 sliding scale
no one turned away for lack of funds.
Some work trade available please inquire.
See daily schedule attached or below
We are looking forward to seeing you on the 20th!

Winter Solstice retreat Schedule:
Wednesday 20th:

10-12 Tandava Moving & sitting meditation with Marlies & Lindy
12-2 break for lunch
2-4 Qigong with Rachel Van Dessel
4-7 Dinner and free time
7-9 Satsang with Marlies

Thursday 21st:
10-12 Tandava
12-2 break for lunch
2-4 Sacred Sexuality Talk with Lindy, Rachel & Marlies
4-7 Dinner and free time
7-9 Winter Solstice Ritual Lindy, Marlies, Rachel

Friday 22nd :
10-12 Qigong
12-2 Break for Lunch
2-4:30 Tea Ceremony with Frederic
4:30-7 Dinner and free time
7-9 Qi Gong and sexual energy with Rachel and Lindy

Saturday 23rd :
10-12 Tandava
12-2 Break for Lunch
2-4 Satsang with Marlies
4-7 Dinner and free time
7-10 Tantra Puja with Lindy and Marlies

Free Time, cuddle time, walk on beach, Dokusan with Marlies nap as you please.

3-day Co-ed Sacred Sexuality Retreat Weekend

A Retreat for Men & Women Led by Lindy James, with Lucas Lehman

We invite you into the temple to experience on a deeper level the delight and freedom of being in your body.

  • Instruction, demo and practice in giving and receiving sacred spot massage
  • How to slow down, be still & listen to the wisdom of your body
  • How to open her heart through breast massage
  • Healthy prostate massage
  • How to deepen the trust in your intuition, and more…

Sacred spot massage is a unique initiation ritual and healing process that activates the transformative power of the sexual center.

The focus of this retreat is to deepen your capacity to fully embrace the sacredness of your body. In slowing down, direct experience can take on a fullness, a vibrant openness, in which we can see what truly wants to happen. Doing this work together creates a most wonderful container for a feeling of safety.

For more information, please contact Lindy:
(831) 662-3768
or email:

Cost & Registration:
Single $525
Couple $900
Price includes tuition and food

Lodging: $25 per night per person.
Confirmation letter will be sent upon registration

To hold your space, please send $150 deposit…

By check—make check payable to: Lindy James
mail to:
Lindy James Permission Zone
P.O. Box 1942
Aptos CA 95001

Or by PayPal

All costs to be paid in full by 7/22/17 unless otherwise arranged

Prerequisite: Please call Lindy to check if this is the right retreat for you.