Women’s Introduction to Tantra/Sacred Sexuality Evening

April 6, 2018

7:00 pm / 10:00 pm

Learn the Art of: Conscious connecting, satisfying intimacy, playful interactions with simple exercises to take us there. Boundaries and individual pace are fully encouraged and respected. No previous experience required.

Sacred sexuality starts with slowing down and arriving in the present moment with beginners mind. I invite you to take this step with curiosity and an open heart to find out how rich and healing our connections can be! Often I hear from participants,


“I was so afraid when I arrived I almost left and after words, I feel so happy I stayed.”


Space is limited; please pay in advance to save your spot. Cost, $30 by mail

Please send me a check for $30 to Po Box 1942 Aptos 95001 made out to Lindy James

(If there is time to be received before the day)

Payment is refundable up to 5 days before the event, after that only if there is someone to take your place.

Or pay $33 online www.lindyjames.com (donate button) Note the date of event in Pay Pal

Please email me when you have signed up either with Pay Pal or check.

Confirmation letter will be sent the week before event and after payment has been received.


Arrival 7:00 pm Beginning at 7:30 PM going until 10 PM.


Please bring a healthy snack to share. (This is not dinner)


Let us dive deeper into the stillness within as we reach out and touch one another with consciousness, presence and love. Through meditation, practices that bring us closer to our sense of connection and the delicious following of energy we can let go of our ideas of the mind and open to expanded conscious pleasure.

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