Sacred Sensual Saturday, 02|01|20

February 1, 2020

6:30 pm / 10:00 pm

*For experienced practitioners – If you haven’t been to one of my classes, but you have prior experience with Tantra, please contact me before payment and registration to make sure this class is a good fit for you*

About this class:

Practice the Art of: Conscious connecting, satisfying intimacy, playful interactions. This is a monthly event here in my beautiful spacious home in Santa Cruz. Enjoy Tantric practices, Pujas and other delightful interactions with beautiful beings on the sacred sexuality path.  Each month we will learn and discuss some facet of Sacred Sexuality with experiential practices to embody the teachings. These evenings are a beautiful way to expand your intimacy skills and develop more trust connecting in a safe container. This is a class for people with experience in sacred sexuality. (If I do not know you please contact me so we can determine if this is a good fit). Singles and Couples welcome.

Space is limited; please pay in advance to save your spot.

Preparations for the class:

Please bring a healthy snack to share. (This is not dinner)

Doors Open at 6:00 pm – please plan to arrive no later than 6:15
(Sometimes we go over to 10:30, let me know if you have a time constraint)

Payment / Registration and Confirmation :

Cost, $35-$75  Sliding scale based on your Abundance level.

You can pay and register one of two ways:
1) Via Paypal

Sliding Scale $35-75, based on your abundance level

2) Or by mail.  Send a check to:
Lindy James, P.O. Box 1942, Aptos Ca, 95001
(If there is time to be received before the day).

A confirmation letter with directions will be sent the week before the event and after payment has been received.
Payment is refundable up to 5 days before the event, after that only if there is someone to take your place.

Contact Lindy:

Any questions, email Lindy or call (831) 662-3768.


Let us dive deeper into the stillness within as we reach out and touch one another with consciousness, presence and open hearted love. Through meditation, practices that bring us closer to our sense of connection and the delicious following of energy we can let go of our ideas of the mind and open to expanded conscious pleasure. Love, Lindy

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