Deeper Dive Sacred-Sensual Saturday

December 16, 2017

3:00 pm

Taste the sweet nectar of freedom and passionate sensuality

This class is for those willing to embody the spiritual and heart centered beauty of Tantric practices. Experience the beautiful dance of being embodied with all our senses alive and yet doing very little, resting in blissful stillness. Enjoy guided practices to expand intimacy skills and build more trust in opening to the divine in one another.  Follow energy as we intentionally move through the chakras with inner listening as guide.

Prerequisite: Attended my Regular Sacred Sensual Saturday and I confirm this is a good fit for you and the group. Please contact me if you are interested.


3 pm to 10 pm with a simple & lovely pot luck dinner in the middle.  Hearty soup, bread, tea and water provided, please bring healthy addition to dinner or snack to share.

Cost, $80-$140 sliding scale Some partial scholarships or work trade available. Overnights are $25, when available. Arrival 3:00 pm Beginning at 3:30 PM going until 10 PM.

Confirmation letter with directions will be sent in the week before event and after payment has been received.

Space is limited; please pay in advance to save your spot.

Cost, $80-$140 sliding scale by mail, send a check made out to Lindy James to address below:
Lindy James
P.O. Box 1942
Aptos Ca, 95001
(Let me know by email)

Or pay $82-$140 sliding scale with PayPal
Note the date of event in Pay Pal Please

Any Questions you can email or call 831-662-3768

I am open to requests, and I will take them into consideration as I design the day. If you wish to ask a friend please talk to me first. Although it is a challenge to say no to people, the deeper dive requires a developed sense of following energy and inner listening.

These events bring me such joy as I have the honor of conducting the symphony of your sacred sexuality dance. Creating the container for us to connect with our deeper selves can be so healing and nourishing.

Love Lindy
(Bliss Conductor)

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