Deepening Intimacy Through Sacred Sexuality – 3 Class Series

October 17, 2020

1:00 pm / 5:00 pm

Hosted by Lindy James

This course series features three live/online magical afternoons, an evening Puja, and three online Group Coaching sessions. Special discount package information can be found below.  Dates are:  October 17, November 21 & Dec 5.  Be sure to mark your calendars! 

Please check with lindy with any questions.

All sessions weave the basics of Tantric skills to re-educate, heal, and awaken to the life force our sexuality has to offer.

October 17, Session 1:  Be Seen What does it feel like to truly see yourself, to know your needs, and dare to speak them; to be witnessed and honored for who you really are?  All of you is welcome

November 21, Session 2:  Be Heard What does your body say? How does your inner voice speak? Experience finding your voice and being heard.   All of you is welcome

December 5, Session 3:  Be Touched Trusting in your voice and listening to what feels nourishing and safe with a gentle touch. The body relaxes as we practice speaking our no in order to find our yes!

December 5, Tantric Puja:  A fun-filled two hours practicing what we’ve learned on the evening of Session 3.  Please note that you must have done Session 1 and Session 2 before Session 3 and all three sessions before the Puja.

Online Group Coaching: A time to connect, ask questions, and integrate your experience into your life.

Tantra teaches us to trust our inner listening, slow down, and explore our intimate, intuitive nature.  I have designed this program to introduce you to the simple and gentle practices of Tantra that lead to a deeper intimate connection.

The dates are October 17, November 21 & December 5

  • Three afternoon sessions: 1:00-5:00pm  $85 per session
  • One evening puja on Dec 5th: 6:30-8:30 pm with last class $30 per session
  • Three 90 minute online Group Share / Coaching sessions $20 per session

Couples and singles are welcome; Individual pace & boundaries are encouraged and respected;  No previous experience required; no explicit sexual activity.

Package pricing: Join us for a special all-inclusive price of $230 and save $75 over the price of the individual sessions.  Any session may be taken separately provided the conditions listed above are met.  If you buy the package and cannot make a particular session you may take that session in the next round of classes.  I plan to offer this series quarterly.

Payment plan option available upon request.

Payment / registration

There are two ways to pay – if you have questions about payments or cost, please write or call Lindy; (831) 818-1685

1) PayPal –  Click here to be directed to Lindy’s direct payment link on Paypal.
(if you could, please add $3 to help cover the transaction fee)
You must note the DATE OF EVENT when you pay so that I know which day you are attending.

2) By Venmo. will get you there

The confirmation letter will be sent before the event and after payment has been received.

Payment is refundable up to 5 days before the event.

Please contact me with any questions and more information:


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