7-Month Tantra Training 2019-2020

2019 7-Month Tantra Training, With Lindy James

The dates are as follows: Oct. 12th, Nov. 2nd, Dec. 14th, Jan.11th, Feb. 8th, Mar. 14th, Apr.11th
7 Saturdays, 10 am – 9 pm. $175 per month or $1,050.00 if paid in full.

*Registration has been extended until November the 2nd! * A make-up class is possible if you miss the first session.

This training will deepen your sacred sexuality/Tantra skills whether you are interested in teaching Tantra or simply becoming more skilled in your personal life. If your goals are to become a teacher there will be a mentoring portion of the training for learning how to teach, design and prepare a class. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, each class is designed to develop your tantric experience. To enhance our training, I will occasionally invite guest teachers to share their skills and perspectives.

What to Expect from the Course

I will be drawing from my 25 years of Tantra experience to give you a well rounded training in how these practices can enhance and affect your relationships and daily life.

My goals for your training training include teaching you how to use sexual energy to open the body, the heart, and to heal any wounds from the past.  I will demonstrate how Tantra can be a path to enlightenment and to being more embodied, which allows participants to listen to the wisdom that lies within. We’ll explore how to develop sense perceptions through the body, heart, and energy to connect more deeply with the Divine.

Through the tools of Tantric practice, participants will learn how to move into the creative, intuitive side of their brains.  They will also discover how to avoid losing energy through negative thinking.  We will explore how slowing down each day through meditation, through stillness and being present with what is, can be a source of nourishment.

This course includes material for people who want to teach Tantra. In this course, you will learn techniques to help you prepare for your classes and sessions.  You will learn the skills of creating a container that feels safe enough to help people to heal their deepest fears and wounding. You will learn how to track a room and assess the energy of the participants, and how to recognize the signs of disassociation, trauma, and when someone is triggered. Learn to be led by a trust in Spirit as you listen deeply and follow your inner Guide.

Some specific techniques taught in my program are Hakomi skills, tracking, contact, and clear communication. These practices show us how mindfulness offers so much insight and depth for the Tantric path.  You will leave this course with a collection of Tantric practices that enhance the connection to your sexuality, to your partner, and in therapy work with clients.

The Schedule

Each day will start Saturday morning at 10 AM until 5 PM for the primary training, dinner break 5-6:30, and 6:30-9 a Puja to practice what we learned that day. There is an option to stay overnight; the price is $25 per night pad on the floor and. $35 for private room per person  (Many of us go to dance church on Sunday morning if you care to join.)

We will meet one Saturday a month for 7 months. This will be a committed group for all 7 months.  Each month will build on the previous month’s training. Your full participation is required.  If for some reason you cannot attend one month you can join the make-up class for a fee. There will be two make-up Saturdays for missed classes (dates TBD) which run from 10am-6pm. Make-up classes cost an additional $65.00.  Please check your calendars to verify how the program dates work for you. Attending all of the courses with your group builds a sense of continuity and community for your training program.

Registration, Payment and Confirmation

Space is limited; please pay in advance to save your spot.  Confirmation with instructions, location and directions will be sent out the week before the event.

Please send first 2 month’s payment to hold your spot ( $350).
Discount of $25 per month if you pay in full. ($1,050.00).

  1. Please send me a check to Lindy James  with your deposit of payment in full : PO Box 1942, Aptos  95001
    Or pay online through PayPal.  *Note the Name of event in Pay Pal!
  2. Please email me (lindy@lindyjames.com) when you have signed up either with Pay Pal or check.
  3. A confirmation letter will be sent the week before event and after payment has been received.



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